Prahran Market

Ventured to one of my favourite Melbourne food markets this morning.  I love this time of year when there is so much summer produce appearing in the stalls.   If it weren’t for the Punt Road carpark I would go to Prahran Market every day.   I loved this asparagus forest above.

All manner of shiny, sparkly cupcake decorations at Essential Ingredient…

Redcurrants.. they look so festive. I must find some way of using them this Christmas… perhaps in a champagne jelly…

A row of gold heart shaped chocolates, from the Jasper Coffee stall.

Four different types of festive stuffing from John Cesters poultry/game store.  And if you’re willing to fork out for them, they have peking duck party pies at $2.50 each, you can pop them in the freezer now for Xmas morning. Yum!

Organic milk, with cream on top… purrrrrrr…… from the Ripe organicas store.

Ah, a personal favourite. Gorgeous zucchini flowers…

Mr Potato Head at the specialty potato stall…

I consulted Michael of the aforementioned stall about the best in-season roasting spuds for Christmas. His advice: these Malins, or soon to come in Bintjes and Bismarcks.  Thanks Mr Potato Head!

My happy place…. Essential Ingredient. I bought some gold gelatin leaves to make raspberry marshmallows, from the Xmas edition of Gourmet Traveller.

Giant gold choc coins from Jaspers. Cheeky little hand trying to steal it – my son’s.

These calico shopping bags with beautiful prints on them are only $2.95 from the eco shop (I can’t remember what its called, something Neutral).

One of the other reasons I love Prahran Market so much is because its so kid friendly.  You can drag a child around with the promise of a hot chocolate and play in the courtyard/playground at the end of shopping.  There is often a visiting petting zoo, as there was today, or musical entertainment.


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