Day 6 – Take 2!

Somehow I managed to be one day ahead of myself on my Christmas countdown.  Oh well, better than one day behind.  So here is day 6 again.


If Saturday was the day to be out and about hunting and gathering, Sunday is the day to be at home – taking stock, organizing and preparing.

  • Make a master shopping list – read through your recipes taking notes of all the ingredients you will need.  Make 5 separate lists – meat/seafood that you haven’t pre-ordered; deli; fresh fruit and veg; grocery; bakery.
  • Pantry audit – look through your kitchen cupboards and make a list of all the other kitchen items you may need, such as baking paper, oils, salt etc.
  • Place an online grocery shop order for the bulk of things you need at the supermarket – it will make a big difference to break the back of this task without leaving the house, and you’ve still got time for last minute things.
  • Declutter kitchen cupboards – trawl through your cupboards and reorganize, throw out any chipped or broken things, move unneeded things away, place things that will be used in the next week close to hand and generally make space.  Half an hour spent doing this will be repaid in spades on the day.
  • Clean out fridge & freezer – A clean and clear fridge and freezer will be a welcome thing come Xmas Eve.  And you definitely will need the space, so throw out any iffy food and cook anything from the freezer you can.  Wipe clean all shelves and wash drawers out.
  • Outdoor/barbecue clean up – give the backyard/courtyard a once over and clean the barbecue if you plan on using it.  If this task is too daunting and you would rather outsource it, then give Champion Property Maintenance a call on 0448 118377 if you’re in Melbourne, but be quick. Oooo, shameless plug!

I’m making raspberry marshmallows this weekend from the Christmas edition of Gourmet Traveller.  As a byproduct, I’ve also made some raspberry jam, that we had on our toast this morning – delicious!


2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Take 2!

  1. Bazthewino December 20, 2010 at 1:14 am Reply

    Raspberry marshmallows? Very impressed. Can you make them in any flavour?

    • theabbotsfordkitchen December 20, 2010 at 9:16 am Reply

      Hi Baz, I guess you could, I’ve never made them before. The recipe calls for 150 ml raspberry liquid extracted from strained frozen raspberries – so I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t substitute that with blueberries, blackberries, or any other fruit. I am making them tomorrow – will post a pic!

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