Christmas Countdown – Day 2

Today is going to be spent food shopping and cooking, and getting the house and yard ready.  I’ve been up early to the Prahran Market for an epic 2 and a half hour shop, so my food shopping is just about wrapped up now.  My Xmas splurge was these wild New Zealand scampi for my cold seafood platter.  I hope they taste as fabulous as they look!

I’ve altered my planned menu due to the availability or otherwise of fresh produce.  No point locking yourself into recipes if the ingredients aren’t as fresh as they should be, or there was something different in season.  Thrilled to get a few kilos of new season bismark potatoes – these will make fantastic crunchy roasts spuds!

I’m spending the day in the kitchen making mayonnaise, arancini, chocolate cheescake, gravlax, and mince pies.   Lucky for my trusty assistants – one man, one boy, and one little dog who’s come to stay for Xmas – Princess Poppy 🙂


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