Tossed Nicoise

“Soup for one, salad for one, wine for two” Edna Krabappel, the Simpsons.

I think Valentine’s Day has pushed me over the edge. I can’t bear the tackiness of this day and even if it were not commercial and nausea inducing, I’m not sure that I would ever celebrate couplehood for the sake of it.

I’ve always thought that the times in our lives when we are single – whether by choice or not – should be enjoyed, savoured, and celebrated. After all, you never know when a lifetime of lifting up/down the toilet seat might be just around the corner. And who knows what will happen then? Carrie-with-Aiden Carrie or Carrie-with-Burger Carrie was never as confident and together as Single Carrie.

So with single people everywhere in mind, I’ve started a new recipe category today: Meals for One, and here is the first post I’ve done especially for it.

There is something about the combination of tuna, olive and egg in a nicoise salad that I just find irresistable. I love having this classic  for dinner, especially when I am pressed for time or don’t feel like cooking.

I used to make this by layering the ingredients on my plate starting with lettuce, then boiled potatoes, beans, tuna, boiled egg, sliced olive, then the onions herbs and dressing on the top.  I would then eat my way through it from the top down.

Recently however I wanted to take a bowlful to the park for a twilight picnic, and decided I would just throw it all in together and toss it around. This is how I’ve been having it ever since.

Serves: 1 🙂

  • Iceberg lettuce leaves, torn up with your hands
  • 1 x 95 gram tin of tuna in oil, drained
  • 3-4 pitted kalamata olives, sliced in half
  • 1 boiled free range and/or organic egg, quartered
  • 1 or 2 waxy potatoes, such as kipfler, boiled until soft and sliced
  • Half a tin of drained and rinsed cannelini or butter beans (use the other half for a puree, in a soup, or in your lunch the next day)
  • A tablespoon or two of chopped flat leaf parsley
  • A few thin slices of red onion
  • Dressing: 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, juice of half a lemon, teaspoon of dijon mustard, shaken together in a jar to combine.

In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients and toss carefully with the salad. Serve in a shallow bowl.


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