Powdered Porcini

A reader recently posted a suggestion about porcini mushrooms. She grinds them up in the food processor and uses the powder in stock and for risottos. As a great admirer of porcinis, I loved the idea but forgot about it until this week when I read a gnocchi recipe using porcini powder.

I needed no further prompting, and I made some this weekend to have with the gnocchi I made for my sister who was visiting from Sydney.

I am now a convert. Porcini powder really adds a special touch to a meal. The flavour is intense and hard to believe it comes from just one ingredient. These fungi really do punch above their weight.

You can either just grind the porcinis straight from the packet using the food processor as my reader suggested, or do what I do and roast them for half an hour at 170 c, pound them in the pestle and mortar and sift.

This morning my son and I sprinkled some on our eggs – just fabulous.


Sprinkle over pan fried gnocchi

Season vegetable/mushroom stock

Sprinkle on risotto

Sprinkle on eggs – scrambled, or an omelette

Make a porcini salt by mixing the powder with some ground salt flakes

Add to the roasting pan before making a mushroomy gravy


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